Wormy Chestnut

Our reclaimed Wormy Chestnut is a true American treasure. The native American Chestnut tree once grew to a diameter of up to 10 feet and a height of 100 feet in our Eastern virgin forests. 


Although these trees existed in abundance in the late 1800s and early 1900s, they attracted the Chestnut Timber Worm that tunneled through their trunks and branches.

Around 1905 the Chestnut Blight began infecting the American Chestnut. By 1950, three and a half billion Chestnut trees were killed by the blight. Today the American Chestnut is almost extinct.

As the years passed, the Chestnut Timber Worm continued feasting on American Chestnut trees as they rested on the forest floor. These wood boring artists left uniquely beautiful wormholes in their wake. 

Today, Scotland Neck Heart Pine reclaims “Wormy Chestnut” from the forest and old buildings to bring you this extremely rare species as paneling, moldings, doors, rough stock, and solid or engineered flooring.

Turn-key installations are available.

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